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Butterfly Hatching Program

butterfly program

The Butterfly Hatching program was a unique experience for our pre-school and grade 1 students. The special visitors, 15 caterpillars and an additional 8 butterflies in the chrysalis phase, arrived at the Amarillo and Milliken Campuses on September 9th. Over the span of 5 to 8 days, students, teachers, and parents were thrilled to witness the development of the Monarch butterflies as they commenced on their metamorphosis from larva (caterpillar), to pupae and finally to emerge as beautiful adult butterflies.  The butterflies were kept in a special enclosure until all had completed the cycle into adulthood. Within 24 hours of their wings fully drying, teachers and students released them so that the Monarch butterflies could begin their life cycle again.  This was a special and unique experience for all.


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