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After School Courses

Something for everyone!

After School Courses are very popular at TCPS, offering benefits for students and parents alike.  Our families trust the quality of our programs and are appreciative of the fact that their children are learning from some of the best instructors from their fields in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area!

Parents can register their children for 1 or as many programs as they choose. All programs are held at the student’s regular campus. This saves parents time driving their children to similar programs in the evening or on weekends.

All programs are interactive, educational and fun. Classmates and friends often sign up for the same programs making the course extra enjoyable. Courses are offered throughout the year from mid-September to June.

After School Courses are scheduled outside of teaching hours on regular school days. The following are some of the After School Courses that have recently been offered to students.

Homework Tutorial

Photo of TCMPS Elementary School Homework Tutorial

The benefit of the Homework Tutorial is to allow students in grades 1 to 6 to receive extra assistance and guidance from a homework tutor in a class with a maximum of 5 students.  This program is not only for students who are having academic difficulties, but for students who require focused time for homework.

Students who have many evening activities also benefit from this program as they get a head start on their homework and have less or none to complete after an evening activity.

Students will begin working on the subjects that pose the most difficulty resulting in a positive relationship with their homework tutor.  Students will also accomplish the homework with more ease.  The result of this strategy is that students will gain understanding and confidence in the academic subjects that provide them with the most challenges.

Mathematics Tutorial

Photo of TCMPS Elementary School MathematicsTutorial

Grade 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to take part in a Mathematics Homework Tutorial program 2 days a week. Students will receive assistance on current Mathematics  assignments and test preparation to help improve their skills in this subject.  There will be a maximum of 5 students per class.  This program is designed for students who require assistance in Mathematics.  The structure of the tutorial will be the same as the regular homework tutorial; however, only Mathematics will be covered.

French Tutorial

The French Tutorial will assist students from grades 3 to 8 with their French homework and give students the opportunity to increase their vocabulary and strengthen their French conversational skills in a social, small group setting.  The School’s core French teachers will be teaching the French Tutorial program.

Chess ClubPhoto of TCMPS Elementary School Chess Club

We are very excited to introduce a new chess program this year!  Top Level Chess is operated by International Master (IM) and experienced chess teacher.

Top Level Chess will take full advantage of the latest technology, including a dedicated Web site with chess videos that reinforce the lessons learned in class.  Every class will use a projector to highlight demonstrations making students chess education more dynamic and fun!  For the first time, Advanced students will have their tournaments rated.

Students who participated in our program last year at any level will be in the Advanced program. All Advanced students will be registered with the Canadian Chess Federation as an annual member.

Computer ClubComputerW

The After School Computer Club provides the opportunity to learn yet play at the same time.  As technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, the ability to use computers has become a necessity. The purpose of this course will be to introduce fun, new software packages and to enhance students’ existing skills. Students will be creating fun and exciting projects working with various software packages such as Photoshop™, PowerPoint™, Moviemaker™, Illustrator™, Dreamweaver™ and more.  There will printed projects, along with a DVD containing all their work, which will be sent home at the end of the term.  This program is well liked by students and it is recommended that registration be prompt as we allow 1 child per computer in each class.

Mad Science

Mad Science is the world’s leading provider of science based enrichment activities that will spark the imagination and curiosity of its participants.  The Mad Science program will instill a clear understanding of Science and how it affects the world around us.

Term 1:  Students will learn about the science of flight and the forces that are involved in the process.  Students will also discover the basic scientific principles of magic and learn how almost everything can be logically explained.  Their reasoning skills will be put to the test as they become “junior engineers”, building and testing various structures.  There will be a variety of topics and interactive experiments to learn from and enjoy during this term.

Term 2:  Students will not believe their eyes as they examine different optical illusions and watch as light and colour interact, tricking their sense of sight.  Students will participate in classes where their taste buds are put to the test and learn how their sense of taste works.  The basics of sound will be revealed with a cool Mad Science twist that will allow students to alter their voices through a sound machine!  Studying scientific principles of heat, students will build their own thermometer. An abundance of scientific topics and experiments will keep students learning and having fun for the entire term.

Term 3:  In this term students will learn to manipulate laboratory equipment, learn about the PH scale and atoms.  Students will learn about polymers and make their own slime!  Using glow in the dark technology, students will study the properties of light and many more topics. With so many fun and interactive activities, students are sure to enjoy themselves. 

This amazing, one of a kind program, is delivered by Logics Academy, a leader in robotics and aerospace educational enrichment activities. This program will provide students with the understanding of technology and engineering principles through fun and exciting workshops!

Robotics and Engineeringrobotics W

Robotics and Engineering is taught by Logics Academy, a leader in robotics and aerospace educational enrichment activities. This course will provide students a variety of projects that introduces them to different engineering concepts each week. The lessons maintain a hands-on learning approach for every class that engages students while they develop their visual-spatial, fine motor and problem solving skills in a collaborative working environment. Senior elementary students will have the opportunity to explore mechanical, electronic and programming tools to solve real life challenges. Students will work in teams to design, build, program and test a solution. Teams will prepare for challenge days as they compete for the best solution.

Sports with Jay

Sports With Jay (SWJ) coaches are experiencPhoto of TCMPS Elementary School student playing Soccered in working with students of varying ages, excel at motivating students and provide students with excellent skills.

This year we are offering 2 distinctive SWJ programs.  The 1st is our regular multi-sports program.  This program includes instruction in the skills, drills and game of a variety of sports including hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, football, golf and lacrosse; all of which will
be taught in a safe, structured, positive and fun environment.  The multi-sports program also includes cooperative and interactive games all geared towards motor skill development.

The indoor soccer league is an exciting program and too good to miss out on!  Students will be learning and practicing soccer skills, drills and playing games throughout the year. Classes will consist of playing games throughout the year. Students will be divided into teams and points will be accumulated throughout the year.  At the end of the year the students will participate in a soccer tournament.  This exciting program was popular last year, so early registration is suggested!

BadmintonBadminton W

The Mandarin Badminton Club is an established club in the Markham area that teaches both competitive and recreational badminton.  Students will be learning various skills and game rules.  Once considered a slow, low-intensity activity, badminton is now recognized as a quick-moving, explosive sport much like volleyball or squash.  Students will increase their flexibility, cardio-respiratory ability, strength, endurance, self control, discipline and positive sportsmanship.  Once students have mastered basic techniques, badminton games will be a regular part of each class.   Having the opportunity to work with certified coaches and proven competitors will be an excellent and exciting learning experience for our students.   This program will help improve skills for the grade 6 students who wish to try out for the SSAF badminton team and for those students who just want to have fun!

Seneca Tae Kwon-DoTKD W

As this program is a martial arts program, safety, discipline and respect for both students and instructors will be emphasized.  Besides self-defense, students will learn patience, perseverance, self-discipline, concentration and respect.  In addition, physical benefits such as increased cardiovascular capacity, flexibility, coordination and balance are achieved over time. Students will work individually towards the different belt levels.

Students will be registered through Seneca Tae Kwon-Do to the Ontario and World Tae Kwon-Do Federations. Benefits of these associations include additional insurance, eligibility for Tae Kwon-Do events, seminars and clinics.

During the year, some students will be ready to move ahead into contact sparring.  Additional equipment is required for each individual who will be participating in contact sparring.    A full set of sparring gear includes safety approved head gear, chest shield, groin cup, mouth guard, leg protection and arm protection.  This equipment should not be purchased without the instructor indicating that the student is ready to move to this level.  The equipment does not have to be purchased from the instructor, but it must be approved by him.

Yoga with Tracie Smith

Town Centre Private Schools is very excited to offer Yoga with Tracie for our grade 1 students.

Yoga is a healthy, safe and enjoyable activity that brings the joys and benefits of exercise to children.  Tracie Smith’s classes are fun!  Children use imagination to explore animal yoga poses. Songs, games and nature themed props are used to achieve various stretches and static positions to improve flexibility, coordination, body awareness and self-confidence. Children will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques as they stretch, breathe and celebrate life together.

 Visual Arts

The After School Visual Arts Course encourages grade 1 students attending the Amarillo Campus to develop their natural sense of creativity, expression and imagination, while teaching the students practical and technical skills in the different areas of art and design.

Through weekly classes, students will be taught a detailed cross-section of the different visual arts and design media, including drawing, sketching, painting and sculpture.  All of the necessary materials for this class are supplied – students need only to bring themselves and their creative spirit, however, it is recommended that students bring a smock or an oversized shirt to protect their clothing. Students will have fun working and creating together, as well as improving their technique through the study of a variety of art forms!

Fine ArtsFine ArtsW

We are pleased to welcome back this amazing program brought to you by Unionville’s Art Adventures.

Grade 2 to 4: This year’s projects will be varied and fun so that students will have opportunities to learn various techniques and skills.  Projects will include drawing animals, silk painting, relief tiles, landscape painting and much more.

Grade 5 to 8: This program is an excellent choice for those students who wish to take art at the secondary level, or for those students who love art.  Students will have the opportunity to work with water colours, sculptures, sketching figures, drawing relief tiles and much much more.


Sewing and needlepoint are some of the skills that will be taught to the boys and girls in the Needlecrafts course.  The students will be working on a number of projects that will enhance their creativity and teach an appreciation of needlecrafts.  Grade 1 participants in this program learn a new and valuable skill and take great pride in the work they bring home!


ChoirwThe TCPS Choir was very successful last year and promises to provide wonderful performance opportunities for our aspiring singers!   Singing is an excellent source of relaxation and fun.  The choir will have opportunities to perform at school and in the community. The study of Music in more than one area is also very helpful for students who play recorder or perform in band as concepts and theory are constantly reinforced.  Our choirs will be taught by the elementary Music and Band teacher. The year will be fun filled with both contemporary and traditional choir repertoire.


We are pleased to continue the Vocal Program for our grades 6 to 8 students.  Students will be working on musical sound and tone, one voice and multiple voice songs to introduce harmonies and other more challenging techniques.  Repertoire will include both fun, current contemporary, traditional choral and vocal exercises.   Students who like to sing are highly encouraged to join this fun group.

Orff Music Club

Town Centre Private Schools is very excited to offer the Orff Music program to grade 1 students at the Amarillo Campus. The Orff program, developed by the well known German composer Carl Orff, is an approach to Music education that combines the elements of speech, rhythm, movement, instruments, dance, and song.  At Orff Music Club children will have the opportunity to expand their imaginations, to play and refine their skills on the Orff instruments in an ensemble setting, and learn to create their own music and movement through improvisation.   The Orff Music Club will give children a chance to play a role in creating Music that is intertwined with storytelling, drama, and dance.

Photo of TCMPS Elementary School after school Piano and Music Theory Lessons

Private Piano and Theory Lessons

Our Piano and Theory program strives to develop a well-rounded student in Music, providing private instruction before school, during the lunch hour and after school.  Students involved in this course will study both Piano and Theory offered as distinct yet cooperative subjects. Students are encouraged to move from beginner levels to the Royal Conservatory levels.  It is recommended that students practice a minimum of 15 minutes per day at home.

The course is taught by qualified instructors, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience as educators and performers.  Students who will be studying piano beyond 1 term will require an electronic or acoustic piano at home for home practice.

Acro Dance

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance theater and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

Fusion Dance

The Dance Program at TCMPS is one of the longest running and most popular After School Courses.  Students will begin the study of dance and ballet and will individually learn various dance skills as well as learn how to perform as a group.  The first term is devoted to the study of dance and performance.  The second term’s focus continues to be dance; however, students will be preparing for their end of year recital.


balletThe Ballet program is a progressive program that allows students to explore Ballet movements and techniques while developing their dancing through yearly exams and performances.  Exams are part of the curriculum and the cost has been included in the fees.   Further information will be provided closer to the exam date.  Please note, should a student have outside Ballet experience and wish to join the program, an assessment will be done to determine which class will be most beneficial.

We have three programs this year:  Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  Level 1 is for new students and those students who attended the Amarillo Campus.  These students will begin to graduate from the creative dance styles for younger students and will be introduced to a more formal Ballet program.

The Level 2 program is for TCMPS students who took their pre-primary BATD exam last year.  Students who attended the TCMPS Ballet program and participated in the BATD exam last year will be placed in the primary Ballet class.

Level 3 is for students who attended the primary Ballet program last year.  Students will be required to attend TWO classes per week to achieve the levels required for their exam.

 Hip HopHip HopW

There is nothing as fun as learning the most current dance moves to the latest music!   Incorporating both formal dance techniques as well as a mix of hip hop, break dancing and other styles, this program will be fun for both boys and girls.



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