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Creating Unique Posters in Digital and Advanced Digital Discovery After School Course

Elementary students in the After School Courses Digital Discovery and Advanced Digital Discovery program, taught by our very own Mr. Leofanti, have been busy learning multiple skills in Adobe Photoshop.  Throughout the term students worked in incremental steps with projects that taught masking, hue and saturation, colour balance, gradient maps and layer styles.  Taking these skills to the next level they created amazing Star Wars posters!  By using multiple images and tools that they have learned, along with individual styles and preferences, the students created their own poster.  Students even created their own personal lightsabers using brushes, blurs and different layer effects.   Using the skills that they learned, this fun and hands on project allowed students to apply design theory to individual projects.  The posters were created over several weeks, and the students should be very proud of their accomplishments.


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