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IB Information for TCPS Students and Parents


In April of 2015, the school announced that we were beginning the process of becoming an IB World School. We began with the application for the Diploma Programme (DP – Grades 11-12), and followed with applications for the Middle Years Programme (MYP – Grades 6-10) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP – Grades 1-5). After many months of hard work and dedication from the students and staff we are extremely excited and proud to announce that Town Centre Private Schools is officially an authorized IB World School for the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved on a job well done.

As well, we continue to move forward on schedule with the Primary Years Programme. In fact, students and teachers in the primary  years have already begun following the IB philosophy in their classes.  We are confident that the School will become one of only 7 schools in all of Ontario and only one of 15 in all of Canada to offer all three IB Programmes.

As you may be aware, the IB Programme is considered to be the “gold standard” in education.  The IB programme is an internationally recognized approach to education that will lead our students to some of the highest-ranking universities around the world.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the parents in being the driving force in bringing the IB Programmes to TCPS.   We thank you for your continued support and parents can be confident in the School’s commitment to provide excellence in education for your child.

Congratulations once again to all the TCPS community on becoming an IB World School!

Mrs. Marianne Vanderlugt

IB Personal Projects in Grade 10

Students in grades 6 to 10 are currently participating in the IB MYP (Middle Years Programme).  In accordance with IB philosophy, this program is meant to create life-long learners who take ownership of and demonstrate pride in their educational learning process.

In year 5 (Grade 10), the final year of the MYP, there is a culminating exit task called the Personal Project.  The project offers a unique opportunity for our students to inquire, express and reflect on a topic of their choice, in a style that fits their interests and needs.  The 3 main components of the project are: a process journal, the final product/outcome and a written report.  Students currently in grade 10, will be working on their projects from September 2016 to February 2017, leading to an exhibition in early March to showcase the final products and all of their hard work. Project ideas are endless but examples might include learning to build a canoe, designing a dress, writing an academic research paper, or creating a video tutorial on effective basketball skills!

Some of the benefits of the Personal Project experience are:

  • developing self-management, organizational, thinking, and reflective skills which will translate to the student’s overall success in other courses
  • the satisfaction of completing a project that the student designed, through personal inquiry and exploration
  • being able to showcase the student’s own skills and interests to their classmates, peers and teachers
  • IB Diploma”bound students will have completed a key component for future success in the IB Diploma Program in Gr. 11/12

Although the project is designed to be student-driven, there will be supervisors assigned to each student to help guide them throughout the course of the project.  Certain deadlines and timelines will also need to be followed to keep the students on track, progressing at a reasonable pace.

We are very excited to see what our students will amaze us with this year and look forward to collaborating with students, staff and parents to ensure this new experience is a tremendous success!




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