Pre-School to Grade 1

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Grades 2 to 12

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Students in grades 1 to 3 receive formal Music lessons, learn to read Music and play the recorder.

At the grade 4 level, students are introduced to the instrumental band program. Band classes emphasize proper instrument techniques and correct musical terminology. Students have the option of either renting or purchasing a musical instrument. The students frequently perform for fellow students and parents, as well as participate in Music competitions outside the school.  Students may continue in the band program throughout High School.

At the end of May all the Elementary band and choir students, who have been working hard all year, have a special evening to demonstrate their musical talents. Held over two afternoons, students from grades 4 – 8 participate in the annual Music Nights.

High School students perform at the annual TCPS Arts Night which also features a play and art exhibition.

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